Weekly Favorite New Books - March 7

Thanks for visiting my weekly list of the best books that have been published this week. Each week there are hundreds of new books that come out and I pick some of my favorites for each genre of books. I hope you find a few that you are looking forward to reading, or some for the young readers in your life.

Weekly Favorite Books Published March 7
On my list of books today, you will see some for children, youth, and adults. There are fiction and nonfiction titles included in my list and I think there is something for everyone!

To find out more about one of the books or to buy a copy, click on the title of the book and it will take you to an online retailer. Those links are affiliate, I will receive a small portion of a sale in exchange for advertising these books.

I've got to tell you that the book I'm most excited about this week is Our Sweet Basil Kitchen. I follow their blog and love their recipes and can't wait to try some of the delicious new recipes! It's funny that she is from the Pacific Northwest and he is from South Carolina...just like my husband and I.

My oldest daughter is most excited about reading Tricked, the newest title in the Fairy Tale Reform School series. It's a middle grade book, but I love reading the series too. I would say it's for older middle grade (10 or older).

Weekly Favorite New Books - Mar 7

Favorite New Kids Books

New Favorite Children's Books Biscuit Pete the Cat picture books

A River - Marc Martin
There's a river outside my window, where will it take me? So begins the imaginary journey of a child inspired by the view outside her window. A vast river winding through a city, a small white boat with a single sail floats down the river and takes her from factories to farmland, freeways to forests, out to the stormy and teeming depths of the ocean and back to the comforts of home.

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map - James Dean
When Captian Pete discovers a treasure map, he and his crew are ready to set out and sail the seas to find buried gold and jewels. They weren't expecting to find a giant sea monster on the way!

Noisy Night - Mac Barnett
It's a noisy night in this city building. The residents on each floor can hear the neighbor above them and wonder what is going on. Climb floor by floor and page by page to find out who is singing, dancing, cheering, and cooing - all keeping a grumpy old man awake.

Biscuit Flies a Kite (my first i can read) - Alyssa Satin Capucilli
It seems like the perfect day to fly a kite unitl - oh no - the wind begins to blow it away! Join Biscuit and his friend Puddles as they put their furry heads together to save the day.

Favorite New Middle Grade Reads

Middle Grade Books published Mar 7 8-12 years old

Izzy Kline Has Butterflies - Beth Ain
Fourth grade is here and Izzy is nervous! There are plenty of reasons for the butterflies in her stomach to flap their wings. There is the new girl who might be her best friend, the grade is performing and she wants a starring role, and new changes at home make her feel as if her family is falling apart. First day jitters, new friends, an audition...how many butterfly problems can one girl take?

Tricked (Fairy Tale Reform School) - Jen Calonita
Gilly has heard through the rumor mill that things are changing at the reform school. Word is that Rumplestiltskin has taken over the administration of the school and locked it down tight. Gilly was released from FTRS and is at the local Jack of All Trades school where she gets to learn about shoe leather and other mundane shoe-related things. When Gilly's little sister Anna gets whisked away to FTRS, she knows that she has to get her out as soon as possible. There's only one thing to do - make some trouble and get thrown back in to reform school.

Lost and Found (Witherwood Reform School) - Obert Skye
Tobias and Charlotte are not on vacation....well, they are on vacation from everything they ever knew. Locked within the walls of Witherwood, they are searching for a way out. There are distractions though - the ground is shaking, creatures that protect the school are revolting, and one of their friends goes missing and that leads to a devastating secret. All hope is not lost though. Other students are fighting their way out, and Tobias has a plan.

Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question - Martha Freeman
Effie doesn't want to spend the summer on her aunt and uncles farm. When she stumbles across a mystery of a family feud and secrets, she isn't afraid to ask questions. She sets out to uncover whatever the adults are trying to hide. Fast paced and funny, this book is about having the courage to find out who you really are.

Favorite New YA/Teen Books

Newest YA books your teen will love

Wonderful Feels Like This - Sara Lovestam
For Steffi, going to school everyday is an exercise in survival. She's never fit in with any of the groups and is viciously teased by the girls at school. The only way she escapes is through music, especially jazz music. She hears her favorite jazz song being played at a retirement home and friends with the old man playing. She comes to realize that she won't always be stuck in her town, that she can follow her dreams of being a musician...if she can convince her parents to let her audition for a music school in Stockholm. 

Proof of Lies - Diana Rodriguez Wallach
Anastasia has always been the odd girl out, whether from moving from city to city with her parents or being the black belt who speaks four languages. And most definitely being the girl whose sister is missing and presumed dead. Anastasia believes her sister is still alive, and new evidence comes up to support that theory - only to lead her into a conspiracy where she doesn't know who to trust.

Seven Days of You - Cecilia Vinesse
Sophia has seven days left in Tokyo before she moves back to the States for her senior year of high school. Seven days to visit ramen shops, to say goodbye to the city she has called home for years, sing karaoke with her best friend, and finally tell her crush how she feels. Then her old crush shows up and she doesn't want him to ruin her last few days in Tokyo. As her relationships crumble around her, she leans on Jamie more and more. Can their adventure filled seven days end in anything except goodbye?

Favorite New Adult Novels

Historical Fiction and Science Fiction Adult books out March 7

For Love and Honor - Jody Hedlund
Lady Sabine has a skin blemish that could mark her as a witch, putting her life in danger and damaging her chances of a good marriage. Sir Bennet is returning home to protect his family from neighboring lords who want a repayment of debts. His only option is to marry a rich noblewoman. He loathes the idea of courting for money, but what choice does he have? They are thrust together in a dangerous situation and have to learn to trust each other. Will their secrets ultimately lead to their demise?

The Illusionist's Apprentice - Kristy Cambron
Wren was the apprentice to Harry Houdini and continues the illustionist life after his death. When a rival performer's act goes horribly wrong, the newly formed FBI comes to her for help. She uses her skill of misdirection to escape the pain of her past, but as the FBI digs deeper into the vaudville world, her secrets may be revealed and shatter her carefully created world.

Extracted - RR Haywood
In 2061, a scientist invents a time machine to fix a tragedy in his past. His good intentions turn catastrophic when a test reveals the end of the world. A desperate plan is formed - recruit three heroes, ordinary people capable of extraordinary things, to save the future. Can these three heroes, extracted from their timeline at the point of death, change the future and save the world?

Favorite New Nonfiction

Best New Nonfiction Books released in early March - cooking, quilting, animal photography

Our Sweet Basil Kitchen - Cade and Carrian Cheney
A fresh twist on family favorites, with recipe mashups and unique flavor combinations. Carrian loves healthy, fresh recipes with natural ingredients while Cade prefers southern, grilled items. Together they have created over 100 recipes that mix the two styles and flavor palates together to create innovative dishes that will reinvigorate your everyday recipes. All recipes are exclusive to this cookbook.

National Geographic The Photo Ark: One Mans Quest to Document the World's Animals - Joel Sartore
This lush photographic book represents a lifelong project of Joel Sartore to make portraits of the world's animals - especially those that are endangered. His powerful message, conveyed with humor, compassion, and art: to know these animals is to save them.

No Scrap Left Behind - Amanda Jean Nyberg
16 quilt projects that celebrate scraps of all sizes. Rescue your fabric scraps, even the smallest pieces, and use them in these 16 projects. Sew modern quilts for everyday use that will help you return to the roots of quiltmaking, with projects designed to help you use up every last scrap. Learn sorting and storage tips to help you plan your next quilt, with projects categorized by type of scrap―squares, strings, triangles, or little snippets. You'll never look at scraps the same way again!

I hope you like the list this week of new fiction and nonfiction books that are newly published. Come back next Tuesday for a list of the best books that come out next week.

Favorite New Books coming out March 7 for kids, teens and adults

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