Weekly Favorite New Books - January 31st

Thanks for visiting the weekly list of my favorite new books that have been released. This week there are so many books of different genres and for all different ages that I've shared with you today. You are sure to find one that you will want to buy or add to your to-be-read list!

Weekly Favorite Newly Published Books January 31, 2017

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While the past few weeks may have had less books to pick from, this week you will not be disappointed with the selection. There were so many wonderful books to choose from this week and I had a very hard time only selecting 3 or 4 for each of my categories. So, I chose 5 or 6 for each! These are my favorites of the hundreds of books that came out this week.

My problem with doing these lists each week is my TBR (to be read) pile and list keeps growing. There are a few that I really can't wait to read though!

The premise of Caraval seems amazing! And the cover is dark, draws you in with the tag line, the font is beautiful and evokes a mysterious vibe. Can't wait to read it!!

On the other side of the spectrum is Happily Ever Ashten. I like sweet romances, and this one seem like it would be a nice, light read.

When I'm not reading, I love being creative. I have an ever-growing stash of fabric that I would love to use. More Quick and Easy Quilts for Kids would be perfect! Both my girls have quilts that I made them when they were first born, but they are definitely in need of larger ones now.

Weekly Favorite New Books - January 31st

Children's Books

recently published delightful children's picture books

This interactive bedtime story proves that nighttime isn't scary at all. This gentle journey from sunset to sunrise shows the youngest children the magic of the nighttime sky. Lush watercolors and cut paper collages join with a soothing text for this comforting tour of magical nighttime.

The Green Umbrella - Jackie Azua Kramer
Things aren't always what the seem in this charming tale of imagination, sharing, and friendship. When Elephant takes a peaceful walk with his green umbrella, he is interrupted by Hedgehog, Cat, Bear, and Rabbit - all claiming that they've had exciting adventures with the umbrella. It's an umbrella and hasn't been on any adventures besides a walk in the rain...or has it?

Lost and Found Cat - Doug Kuntz
The true story about a cat's journey to be reunited with his war-torn family. An Iraqi family is forced to leave their home and travel to Greece. They can't bear to be parted from their cat, so they take him along secretly. While on their boat to Greece, his carrier is broken and the frightened cat runs away in the chaos. After an unsuccessful search for their pet, the family has to continue their journey, leaving brokenhearted. A few days later, aid workers in Greece find a lost cat. They are desperate to reunite the cat with his family. A worldwide community comes together to spread the word on the internet and in the news media. After a few months the impossible happens, Kunkush is reunited with his family.

Boat of Dreams -  Rogerio Coelho - older children (6-10)
How does a fastidious old man with a bowler hat, umbrella, and suspenders come to live on a deserted island? How does a boy come to live alone in an apparently deserted city? Are they separated by distance or by time? Does the man dream the boy, or the boy dream the man? This wordless illustrated book invites many interpretations. 

Bunnybear - Andrea J Loney
Although Bunnybear was born a bear, he feels more like a bunny. He would rather be bouncing in the thicket instead of tromping through the forest. He doesn't fit in with the bears and the bunnies don't understand him.Will Bunnybear ever find a friend who likes him just the way he is?

Middle Grade

Exciting and Adventurous New Middle Grade Books

Fantasy series opener for anyone with a Hogwarts shape hole in their heart. Welcome to a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Ivy and her annoying older brother Seb cannot imagine what adventures lie in store when their grandmother is rushed to the hospital. Their home is ransacked and a strange policeman winds up on the scene. Ivy and Seb find themselves in an underground world where ordinary objects have amazing powers.

On a London street, four unlikely friends stand before the astonishingly ordinary blue door of the Magic Circle. Join these young magicians as they journey inside the world-famous conjuring club in an adventure that may or may not involve the search for a secret book, a set of impossible crimes, and a flock of pigeons.

Cleo and Evan have a secret - a collection of books so dangerous that they are locked up tight. A friend has vanished inside the pages of one of them and it's up to them to find the key that will set her free.

The Milkshake Detectives - Heather Butler
Charlie and Julia are sure that their sleep village must contain some mysteries for their new detective agency. When somebody called "The Bear" starts leaving strange clues, they can't wait to put their spy skills to use. The only problem? Everyone else wants to join in on the bear hunt too! But with the competition heating up, Charlie might be missing a more important mystery that lies closer to home!

Me and Marvin Gardens - Amy Sarig King
Obe Devlin has problems. The family farmland has been taken over by developers and his best friend has abandoned him for developer kids. Obe hangs out by the creek, picking up trash and looking for animal tracks. He sees a strange animal eating plastic....only plastic. The animal, Marvin Gardens, soon become Obe's best friend and biggest secret.

Join twins Mia and Maddie, and their little sister sidekick Lulu, as they travel across the country looking for adventure, mystery, and mischief along the way. The Glimmer family is heading to the Big Apple! Miss Julia, their nanny, plans a fabulous sightseeing trip for the girls while in town. Things don't go as planned though. What happens when sibling rivalry, random acts of kindness, and a little mystery all meet up at some of the most famous sites in New York City?

YA Books

Best new books for teens Jan 31

Caraval - Stephanie Garber
Whatever you've heard about Caraval, it doesn't compare to the reality. It's more than just a game or performance. It's the closest thing you will find in this world to magic....
Scarlett has never left the tiny island where she and her sister, Tella, live with their powerful father. Scarlett's father has arranged a marriage for her and she thinks her dream of seeing the once a year performance of Caraval is over. This year though, Scarlett's long-awaited invitation has arrived. With the help of a mysterious sailor, Telle whisks her sister off to see the show. As soon as they arrive, Tella is kidnapped by the creator of the show - this season the show revolves around Tella, with whoever finding her getting to keep her.

Wires and Nerves - Marissa Meyer (graphic novel)
The first graphic novel set in the world of the Lunar Chronicles all about Iko, the android with the heart of mechanical gold. When wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous peaceful alliance between Earth and Luna, Iko takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers leader. With the help of a handsome royal guard, Iko begins to question what she knows about love, loyalty, and her own humanity. Appearances by your favorite Lunar Chronicles characters.

By Your Side - Kasie West
When Autumn finds herself accidentally locked in the library for an entire weekend, she doesn't think things could get worse. That's before she realizes that Dax is locked in too. She doesn't know anything about Dax except he's trouble. Between the rumors, the fight he was in, and him being a loner, he's not the ideal person to be stuck with. It becomes clear that they will have to live off of vending machine food and making awkward conversation. As they get to know each other over the weekend, they realize that there is more than meets the eye to each other. When the weekend is over and regular life goes on, will they be pulled apart?

Wait for Me - Caroline Leech 
The perfect blend of sweet romance and historical fiction. It's 1945 and Lorna's life on the farm in Scotland consists of endless chores, rationing, knitting Red Cross scarves, and praying for the Allied troops. So when Paul, a German POW is assigned as the newest farmhand, Lorna is appalled. How can she work alongside the enemy when her brothers are risking their life in the war? As Lorna spends time with Paul, she comes to know, and fall in love with, the boy behind the soldier. Lorna must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice before the end of the war.

For the perfect love, what would you be willing to lose? Zoe is reeling from her fathers tragic death in a caving accident and her neighbors' mysterious disappearance. Then on a terrifying sub-zero night in Montana, she and her brother are attacked in the woods, only to be rescued by a mysterious bounty hunter they call X. X is no ordinary bounty hunter, he is sent to collect the soul of their attacker. X is forbidden from showing himself to anyone except his prey, but he makes and exception for Zoe. Gripping and full of heart, this beginning to a new series will bring readers right to the edge of everything. 

The Careful Undressing of Love - Corey Ann Haydu YA
The girls of Devonairre street have always been told they were cursed. Any boy they love is certain to die. This is Brooklyn in 2008, the curse is less a terror and more a lifestyle accessory - something funky and quaint, like all of them wearing their hair long and a key around their neck. People give them looks and whisper, but it doesn't mean a thing. Then Jack, their Jack, dies suddenly and violently. Now the curse not only seems real, but like the only thing that matters.

Adult Fiction

Best newly published adult fiction novels in late january

When forensic psychologist Claire Britten started working with lawyer Nick Markwood on his South Shores project, she didn't realize that her life and the life of her daughter would be in jeopardy. When the little girl goes missing, Nick thinks he knows exactly who is behind the kidnapping. Claire is desperate to save her daughters life, but can they give in to the demands?

The Girl in the Garden - Melanie Wallace
An unforgettable novel about a young woman and her infant son, abandoned at a seaside motel in New England, and the secrets of the townspeople who provide them with shelter. In vivid, nuanced prose, Melanie explores the time tested bonds of a small community, the bonds of friendship, and whether the wrongs of the past can ever be made right.

Happily Ever Ashten - Erynn Mangum
Ashten is ready for life to settle down. She spends her school year teaching and summers waitressing at her grandparents diner. She's trying to save up money for a down payment on a house. Now she is also helping her two best friends plan their weddings. She hardly has enough hours to sleep, so when her best friend starts the matchmaking bug, Ashten isn't enthused. Especially because her friend has suggested someone Ashten can't stand. When Ashten's ex-boyfriend shows back up in town, things get even more complicated.

A Note Yet Unsung - Tamera Alexander
Despite her training as a master violinist, Rebekah was denied entry into the Nashville Philharmonic by a young conductor. Nathan had bowed to public opinion to not include Rebekah. Now, with a reluctant muse and a pain in his head, Nathan needs Rebekah's help finishing his symphony. How can her win back her trust when he robbed her of her dream?

Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty
A space adventure set on a lone ship where the clones of the murdered crew must find the killer before murder happens again. Previously when Maria has awakened as a new clone, she has memories of how she died before. This time, she doesn't have a clue. She waked up the front of 6 vats holding clones of the crew members of the spaceship Dormire.  How will she find out what happened? And can she do it before she dies again?


Favorite New Nonfiction Books

Whether you downsized your bustling career to raise your children or you chose the full-time job of raising your children, you may feel ready to get back in the work game. Reentry into the workforce is intimidating sometimes. Use creative exercises, advice, and anecdotes from working moms, this book will become a guide to creating your own re-entry strategy. This book will help you through each step of the process, in ways that will keep you motivated and inspired.

A proven 4 week course to rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind, and mood. In 28 days, you can heal your overwhelmed system, overtired body, and out of balance hormones and moods. Many common symptoms - fatigue, mind fog, hormonal imbalance, weight gain - seem unrelated, but they can all be tied to your adrenal and thyroid health.

Fabulous Fabric Jewelry - Mary Beth Temple
30 stylish no-sew designs to craft with your stash. Covers a wide variety of tastes and styles - from pastel and floral to tailored and professional, and every style in between. These simple pieces can be made quickly and without a lot of supplies.

Live to Eat: Cooking the Mediterranean Way - Michael Psilakis
Acclaimed chef and author offers a simple strategy to healthy cooking, highlights the ease and deliciousness of a Mediterranean diet. A nearly endless array of weeknight meals, made with staples like homemade Greek yogurt and tomato sauce. Including recipes for salads, soups, pasta and rice, seafood, poultry and more. Your mouth will water over these healthy and filling meals.

More Quick and Easy Quilts for Kids - Annie's Quilting
The quilting patterns you've been waiting for. Stylish yet easy quilts for kids of all ages. For added value, there are three quilts with bonus sizes. These 13 colorful and bright quilts will be wonderful for any childs room.

I'm glad you visited this week to see my favorite newly published books. I hope you found a few that you would like to read, or maybe some to recommend to your bookworm friends. Come back next Tuesday for some more great newly published books!!

Favorite Newly Published Books for all different ages week of January 31

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