Weekly Favorite New Books - Jan 24

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Welcome to my weekly book list! You will find my favorites of the newly published books this week. There are always so many good ones to choose from and it's hard to narrow the list down, but with hundreds of books published every week I give you a peek into the best titles. I hope you find a book for yourself, a friend, or a young reader you know.
Favorite New Books Published this week January 24th

I've read some great early reviews for the new YA book City of Saints and Thieves. It's not the usual book that I would read, but it sounds intriguing.

If your kids love Goodnight Moon, they will probably love the newly published book, North, South, East, West, by the same author. When Margaret Wise Brown died, they found many book outlines and fully written books. This is one of those titles.

I've been on a dystopian kick lately, so Jadeite's Journey jumped out at me. Thankfully I was able to get a copy to review, so come back on Thursday to see what I think of it.

Weekly Favorite New Books January 24th

Children's Books

Newly Published Children's Pictures Books

Plant the Tiny Seed - Christine Matheson
How do you make a garden grow? In this book children will see how tiny seeds bloom into beautiful flowers. This book masterfully combines the wonder of the natural world with the interactivity of reading. Beautiful collage and watercolor art follow the seeds in their life cycle of becoming a zinnia.

Good Night, Baby Animals You've Had A Busy Day - Karen B Winnick & Laura Watkins
Six stories of baby animals and their adventurous day are included in this sweet book. Each animal enjoys their busy day before it's time to settle down to sleep. This beautifully designed storybook is just right for bedtime.

Play With Me! - Michelle Lee
Playtime means two very different things to these friends. Pip is full of ideas what to play, but Nico doesn't want to play any of them. Pip gets really mad. Nico finds the perfect way for them to play together. These irresistible characters show that finding a way to play together will always work out.

North, South, East, West - Margaret Wise Brown
A never before published story by the author of Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny

Middle Grade Books

mysterious and funny new middle grade reads 8-12 years old

The third installment of this history-mystery-science series is finally here! The Wollstonecraft girls take on their most important case yet. A famed fossil hunter is being blackmailed! Her dog has been taken and the dognappers are forcing her to authenticate fake fossils. Ada and Mary have just three days to track down the fossil fakers, find the dog, and save the integrity of science!

Attack of the Woolly Jumper - Mark Lowery
Roman endures a royal visit and a school fashion show - while wearing the knitted jumper his grandmother gave him. His class is in a fundraising frenzy planning a charity fundraiser while the princess is visiting. When the jumper causes a swan attack and a biker to swerve off the road, can Roman keep his life from unraveling? 

Young Adult Books

New books for teens January 24

City of Saints and Thieves - Natalie C Anderson
In the shadows of Sangui City, there is a girl that doesn't exist. Tina and her mother live in Kenya and are refugees from the Congo, hoping to build a new life. Her mother is maid to one of the prominent families in the city, a family who's reputation is built upon crime and corruption. When Tina's mother is found shot dead, she knows exactly who is behind it. Over the next four years, she has to learn skills that will help her survive on the streets and in a gang. Always, she thinks of revenge for the murder of her mother.

After the Fall - Kate Hart YA
Raychel is dealing with the aftermath of an assault, the constant threat of her family's eviction, and her dreams of college slipping away. Her best friend Matt is usually supportive and there for her, but lately she has been turning to his brother for comfort. When tragedy strikes, the friendship of the three start to fall apart. Raychel has to decide which pieces can be picked up, and which ones are even worth putting back together.

Jadeite's Journey - Lucinda Stein
In the futuristic world of United Society, Jadeite's world is perfect. That all changes when she sees a man who looks alarmingly like her father. She follows her father to the Dark Edge of United Society and uncovers his secret life. When he is arrested, she has to follow in his footsteps to get the medicine needed to save her brother's life.

Adult Fiction

new psychological thriller and historical fiction novels for adults

The Girl Before - JP Delaney
An enthralling psychological thriller that spins one woman's seeming good fortune, and another woman's mysterious fate, through a kaleidoscope of duplicity, deception, and death. Emma and Jane are both drawn to One Folgate Street, and it's enigmatic creator.

Days Without End - Sebastian Berry
Thomas is barely 17 and fled Ireland during the Great Famine. He joins the US Army in the 1850's. With his brother in arms, John, Thomas fights in the Indian War and Civil War. Both orphans of terrible hardship, Thomas and John find these days to be vivid and alive, despite the horrors of war. A fresh and haunting portrait of the most fateful years in American history.

Nonfiction Books

nonfiction books to inspire in many ways

Rise: How a House Built a Family - Cara Brookins
After fleeing an abusive marriage, Cara had four children and no one to turn to but herself. In desperate need of a home, but no means to buy one, she did something incredible. With a small bank loan and strong determination, Cara and her four children built their home from the foundation up. This must-read memoir traces one family's rise from battered victims to stronger, better versions of themselves.

Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery - Steph Jagger
A young woman follows snow across five continents on a physical and spiritual journey that tests her body and soul. This transformative memoir is full of heart and courage, and speaks to the adventurousness in all of us.

Tiny Houses: An Ultimate Guide - Bryan Phillips
Are you intrigued by the lifestyle of tiny house living? This guide is perfect for you. This book has 35 tiny house hacks and 30 tiny house designs for your inspiration. 

The Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Book - Robin Donovan
Old fashioned all american treats for you to make at home. Make classic, custard style ice cream in your favorite flavor. Includes tips and tricks to get the most out of your ice cream maker.

Thanks for visiting today! I hope you found a few books to buy or add to your to be read list. I'd love to hear in the comments which books you are most looking forward to reading. See you next Tuesday for another list of my favorite newly published books!

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