The Christmas Eve Letter Book Review

With snow falling softly, it seems fitting to read a Christmas theme book. This book has the added intriguing factor of including time travel in it, that is always something that catches my interest. A little romance, a mystery, and time travel ~ a combination just right for a winter evening read.

The Christmas Eve Letter a time travel holiday novel
Thanks for joining me for another book review set during the holidays. There is just something about curling up with a good book when it's cold outside. Get comfy, settle in with your book, and drift away to another time and place. In The Christmas Eve Letter, you will start out in present day New York and then journey with Eve back to 1885 New York. What a shock that would be!

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 The Christmas Eve Letter Synopsis

30 year old Eve Sharland is browsing a Pennsylvania antique store when she is drawn to a lantern sitting on the shelf. Inside is an unopened letter postmarked 1885, addressed to someone with her same name! Eve purchases the lantern and returns to New York City, where she reads the letter and is shocked by its contents.

A few days later Eve, following a request made in the letter, lights the lantern. To her utter shock, she finds herself in 1885 sitting on a park bench in Central Park. She is thrust into a new life beyond what she could ever imagine. While associating with the rich families in New York, Eve meets handsome detective Patrick Gantly. She must struggle to survive and return to her own time, even as her destiny is changed forever.

The Christmas Eve Letter Book Review

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The Christmas Eve Letter is a holiday book that will keep you glued to the pages as you journey along with Eve and wonder what her fate will be. As with any time travel story, you have to think about if something she does in the past will change the life that she comes from. This well written novel will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Eve is an independent woman with a successful career, but her life is changed when she finds the heartbreaking letter of a lost love. The fact that the woman has her same name is intriguing to her and she finds out some facts about the woman. Thinking of that sad tale of lost love, she lights a lantern and is suddenly transported back to 1885, just weeks before the letter is written.

Eve is disoriented and has to rely on the help of a stranger, the brother of the man who wrote the letter she found. This puts her in a precarious position as she doesn't know anyone in this time and place, but doesn't want to be indebted to a man who is used to getting everything he wants.

Eve shows her strength by finding a place to live, gaining honest employment as a nurse, and continuing her search for Evelyn Sharland so she can be reunited with her true love. This life is made complicated by being followed wherever she goes. Meeting Detective Patrick Gantly adds fun, flirtation, and also someone who is willing to protect her in this time.

All the while, Eve isn't sure how, when, or if she will ever be able to return to her own time. And with the growing attraction between her and Patrick, will she even want to return home?

I hope after reading my review of The Christmas Eve Letter it has helped you decide to purchase it so you can find out what happens with Eve. 

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