Numbers Raging Cover Reveal

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One fun thing about being a book blogger is that sometimes I get advance notice about upcoming books and book covers. I like to sign up for my favorite authors newsletters so I sometimes get a sneak peek at upcoming titles. Today I've got a cover reveal for you - you can't even find it on Goodreads yet!

Numbers Raging Cover Reveal

I met author Rebecca Rode at a local expo a few years ago where she was with a group of local authors that were selling their books. Her book Numbers Game jumped out at me - a new premise for the YA dystopian genre. Citizens are assigned a number that determines their future in society. The higher the number the more privileged you are. What happens when your number should be high, but instead is low? You follow Treena as she tries to figure out why she was assigned a low number and she tries to earn a way back to her old life. I devoured the book and have enjoyed book 2 and the two short novellas of the Numbers Game Saga.

Ever since finishing Numbers Ignite, the second book in the saga, I've been anxiously waiting to find out what happens with Treena, Vance, and the whole community of people inside and out of NORA.

In Rebecca's recent newsletters, she has been talking about the release of the new book (February 22nd!) and has even had a contest to build excitement for the newest book cover. This week she sent out a sneak peek of it! Are you ready to see the cover?

Cover of Rebecca Rode YA novel Numbers Raging

Amazing right?! You can sense the intensity that will happen in this final book in the Numbers Saga Trilogy. Numbers Raging will go on sale February 22nd. I'll make sure to add it to my Weekly New Book List too as a reminder.

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Hope you enjoyed the cover reveal for Numbers Raging by Rebecca Rode. Let me know in the comments if you have read her books.

Upcoming YA novel by Rebecca Rode Numbers Raging

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