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Thanks for visiting today to see what new books have just been published. I love putting together these lists for you, my dear bookish readers. It's fun to see all the best books each week and pick which ones to share with you. I hope that you find a few that you like!

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Recently I have made some changes to my diet and I loved the look of the new cookbook this week, Blissful Basil. My youngest loves all things to do with animals, so I'm pretty sure that in the near future we will be reading the Under the Sea layer book.

This week seemed kind of slow for anything except children's and nonfiction, but next week has some great releases coming out! Make sure to come back next Tuesday to see those exciting new books.

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Best New Books Coming Out This Week ~ Dec 20th


New Children's Books Published Dec 20th

The Wheels on the Bus (Teddy Bear Sing Along) - David Ellwand
Climb aboard the big yellow bus and sing this fun song with old fashioned photos of teddy bears and toys.

Peppa Pig Peppa's First Color - Parragon Books
A board book with fun characters to introduce colors to little learners.

PJ Masks Save the Library! - Style Guide
A new adventure based on the hit Disney Junior show. Villain Romeo has a machine that erases stories from books so he can put his picture inside. Can Owlette save the library and the day?

Where Are the Words? - Jody McKay and Denise Holmes
Period wants to write a story and his friends offer to help. Question Mark asks around and Exclamation Point finds enthusiastic words in unexpected places. Now Period needs an idea, but from whom?

Layer by Layer Under the Sea - Anne Rooney & Suzanne Carpenter
A multi-layered popup book that explores the hidden treasures beneath the waves ~ fierce sharks, colorful fish, creeping crustaceans, and other creatures that call the ocean home.

Middle Grade

New Middle Grade Books Published December 20th
The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Anderson & Misha Hoekstra
A translation of the loved fairy tale. Kai is cursed by the Snow Queen and his best friend Gerda must travel through inhospitable lands teeming with bandits to try to save him.

Dance Class: Dancing in the Rain - Beka and Crip
Julie, Lucie, and Alia are back with friends in their dance class to enjoy the rainy weather and lots of dancing.

YA Fiction - There weren't any YA books this week. Next week will have some great ones!

Adult Fiction

Newly Released Adult Fiction Books

Another Chance - Daniel Patterson
Officer Penelope Chance always does things by the book, but when her fiance was shot outside her jurisdiction, she has a tough decision to make - trust the local cops or jeopardize her career to conduct her own investigation.

The Heretic's Creed - Fiona Buckley
Ursula has been sent to retrieve a book that the Queen's advisor is eager to get his hands on. The Abbess is anxious to sell the book, but others believe it to be heretical. What happened to the people who had been sent to purchase the book before Ursula?

All She Ever Wished For - Claudia Carroll
A story of chance meetings and unexpected friendships. Tess is on her way to meet her boyfriend for date night when she meets celebrity Kate on a bridge. Little do they know that they each hold the key to each other's future marriage.


Newly Published nonfiction cookbooks coloring books DIY

Star Wars Galactic Maps: An Illustrated Atlas of Star Wars - LucasFilms Books
Learn about all the various planets in the Star Wars universe. These detailed maps show the different worlds and characters.

The New Hexagon Coloring Book - Katja Marek
Quilters and coloring enthusiasts will love this coloring book that features intricate and entrancing designs of hexagons. You can even use these sheets to plan your next quilt.

The Permaculture Book of DIY -  John Adams and contributors
Permaculture is a low cost, environmental, and creative approach to living. 20 practical projects that show you how to recycle materials into useful and unique objects. Each project has carefully laid out step-by-step instructions.

Instant Pot Cookbook - James Houck
The Instant Pot is a hot item, use these easy recipes to cook quick and amazing tasting meals.

Blissful Basil: 100 Plant Powered Recipes - Ashley Melillo
Enjoy a wide array of wholesome foods in order to thrive - physically, mentally, and emotionally. This cookbook focuses on bringing the best flavors of whole foods in recipes of all kinds. There is even a list of staples to buy to keep in your pantry.

There you go! A list of the best books coming out this week. I hope that there are a few on here that you are interested in. I'd love to read in the comments which ones you like best.

Best new Nonfiction, children's, adult fiction, and middle grade books coming out Dec 20

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