Best New Books Coming Out This Week

It's the last week of the year, and the publishing world is going out strong in 2016! Some of these new books will tug at your heart strings, while others will make your heart beat faster in suspense. Some will introduce you to brand new worlds and some will take you back to places and people you have visited before. Each week I try to create a list that is a mixture of well known as well as less knows authors. It's fun to try out a new book or author, you never know what interesting treasures you will find between the covers of a book!

New Books This Week You Won't Want To Miss
Whether you are looking for cute books for children, marvelous middle grade reads, exciting young adult books, suspenseful adult fiction, or wonderfully creative non-fiction books I'm sure you will find something on you list that is just right for your reading pleasure today.

Best New Books This Week

Thanks for visiting today to see what new books have just been published. I love putting together these lists for you, my dear bookish readers. It's fun to see all the best books each week and pick which ones to share with you. I hope that you find a few that you like!

Best New Books Coming Out This Week cookbook childrens romance middle grade

Recently I have made some changes to my diet and I loved the look of the new cookbook this week, Blissful Basil. My youngest loves all things to do with animals, so I'm pretty sure that in the near future we will be reading the Under the Sea layer book.

This week seemed kind of slow for anything except children's and nonfiction, but next week has some great releases coming out! Make sure to come back next Tuesday to see those exciting new books.

Best New Books Published This Week

A new week means a bunch of newly published books are out there ready for you to read! This week I've picked out some amazing titles that I'm sharing with you. Looking for titles for little ones, older kids, teens, or yourself? I have great ideas for you today!

wonderful New books for children, teens and adults

The Grift of the Magi by Ally Carter ~ A Book Review

Interested in a quick and entertaining read? Check out this holiday novella by Ally Carter, one of the current best YA writers. The Grift of the Magi will get you ready for the holiday season.

Holiday book review Grift of the Magi by Ally Carter
Up for some holiday thievery? Ally Carter surprised her fans with this Heist Society Christmas novella. Kat and her crew are back in this highly entertaining adventure.

Alterations - Book Blitz & Giveaway

I love finding new books and new authors to read. I'm excited to share today about a brand new book that came out this week! Alterations is a YA contemporary romance about being open to new experiences, finding out who you are, and making hard choices.

Stephanie Scott debut YA novel Alterations book cover and giveaway

If you read my post yesterday about the best new books out this week, you will have seen that Alterations made it onto my list of best YA books to check out. Read more about this fun book and don't forget to enter the $20 Amazon giveaway at the end of my post!

Best New Books This Week

With the weather turning colder, there is more time spent inside. Why not curl up with a new book and lose yourself in a story? These newly published books are just what you need!

new books of all genres published dec 6th
Whether you are looking for a new book for yourself or as a gift, this list has a little bit of everything on it. Delightful children's books, mysterious middle grade, courageous books for teens, lovely adult fiction, and informative nonfiction books are all on my list today. I hope you find one that is just right for you!

Christmas At The Castle Book Tour & Giveaway

Forget your daily cares when you get comfy and read this sweet Christmas romance. Christmas at the Castle is a cute and clean story that is a nice read for cold winter days or nights.

Book Review Christmas at the Castle by author Melissa McClone

When it comes to romance books, I tend to enjoy clean ones ~ a sweet romance, but not explicit. This sounded like the perfect book when I read the synopsis, and I was right. Read below for my review and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a book, book swag, and an Amazon gift card!

Gift Guide for Your Favorite Bookworm

With the weather getting colder and the calendar turning to December, it's the perfect time to think about gifts. Are you a bibliophile that has people asking what you want as a gift? Or maybe you have a bookworm that you are shopping for. This guide has 15 ideas for perfect gifts for book enthusiasts.

gift ideas for book lovers socks necklace bookmark
Every year my family asks what I want for holidays and birthdays. Of course I love to get new books from my favorite authors, but sometimes it's nice to get something else. These bookish gifts would be top of my list.
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