Hot New Books Available November 8

A new week means a whole bunch of new books to anticipate! If you need a new book to read or want to add some to your To Be Read list, I've got some good newly published books this week! These new releases will be sure to please.

Books Published November 8 2016

My list today has a book my youngest has been impatiently waiting for as well as one I can't wait to get my hands on. There is one from a very well known author who usually writes YA vampire books, but has branched out to a new genre.

Let's get on to the hot new books!

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Hot New Books Published November 8

New Children's books and Middle Grade books available Nov 8. Threadbear by mike inkpen Newest Princess in Black by Shannon Hale Lost Property Office by James Hannibal

Children's Books

Threadbear - Mike Inkpen 
This is the republication of a classic. Poor Threadbear has a squeaker in his stomach that has never worked. Nobody can fix it for him....except maybe Father Christmas.

Middle Grade Books

Newest title in this wonderful early chapter book series where princesses don't have to wear fancy dresses and love glitter. After fighting monsters all night, Princess Magnolia needs a break and goes to the seashore for a day. She's resting when she hears a "ROAR". Could another monster ruin her vacation?
The Lost Property Office - James R Hannibal
Jack is great at finding things that people thought they would never see again. Jack's father has disappeared, and Jack finds out that he wasn't who he seemed to be. A fun new story with mystery, secret items, codes, and a touch of magic.

New YA, Adult Fiction, and Nonfiction books published november 8

Young Adult Books

Dead Girls Society - Michelle Krys
An invitation to a mysterious group seems like the perfect way to forget Hope to forget her problems. With the incentive to win money pushing her along, will she keep up the dares when they get deadly?
Heartless - Marissa Meyer
Have you ever wondered about the back story of the Queen of Hearts? Read how Catherine goes from being a girl desiring to open a bakery to the most terrible Queen of Wonderland.

Adult Fiction Books

The Silent Songbird - Melanie Dickerson
Go back to Hagenheim in this clean historical romance. Evangeline flees a political marriage and joins a small band of servants traveling to their hometown.Pretending to be mute, she grows closer to the leader of the servants. All is not well when the truth comes out. 
The Chemist - Stephanie Meyer
Don't look for anything paranormal in this book. It's about secrets and intrigue. Juliana tries to leave her super secret government job, but now they want her dead. To be free, she has to do one more job, but the information she acquires makes things even more deadly.


With empathy and humor, Dana shares a step-by-step process to deslobify your home. Learn how to keep clutter under control, bring your home out of Disaster Status, and what changes make the most lasting impact.

See you next week with another batch of brand new books!

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