Reading Recap - New Books in September

There were some great books published in September. I anxiously awaited a few of the newly published books to come out so I could read them myself. See which ones I liked and the short reviews for them.

new books in september I read review and recap

Early in September I wrote a post about new books that were going to be released in September (read the post here). Searching for new books to share with my readers got me excited to read some of the titles myself. I downloaded quite a few from the digital library that my local library has access to. Really, who doesn't love free books?

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childs book Ada Twist Scientist review

Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts.

STEAM is a hot topic in general and I love finding books to encourage kids in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Ada Twist, Scientist fell a bit short though for me, I liked that Ada was inquisitive, but her "experiments" were really just her making a huge mess. The best part of the book was the last page where the other kids in her class brought different items from home to test for smelliness.
My rating - 3 stars - it was okay   My 8 year old's rating - 5 stars! So funny and loved the pictures

The Great Shelby Holmes middle grade book review

The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg

Middle Grade readers will love this fun dog napping mystery set in Harlem. Shelby is a fun heroine with lots of spunk! Shelby sure knows how to make an impression - almost blowing up her building and solving a case within the first few minutes of meeting her. Join Shelby and her side-kick John as they find the dog and catch the culprit.
My rating - 4 stars   My 11 year old's rating - 4 stars! Funny story and neat characters. Like that the Sherlock character is a girl!

Diplomatic Immunity YA book review

Diplomatic Immunity by Brodi Ashton

This YA book has a quirky main character - talking to herself quite a bit and singing for tips at the ice cream store. It's a fun read with a romantic element. It does bring up the question - what are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? You can read my full review here.
My rating - 3 stars. Okay, but probably won't read again

Dotwav by Mike Lancaster YA book review

Dotwav by Mike Lancaster

I'm not sure how to classify this YA book. Thriller (not violent), sci-fi, spy novel? It's a little bit of everything rolled into one. Ani Lee is a teenage hacker on the run when guys in suits show up at her door. Joe Dyson is a teenage British intelligence officer tasked to find an old classmate who is missing. Ani and Joe meet each other and solve the mystery surrounding a mysterious sound file. I like the spy part and figuring out the mystery of the conspiracy. The sci-fi aspect was a little strange and how it all worked out was a bit rushed. I am interested to see if Mike Lancaster will continue the partnership of Joe and Ani in another book.
My rating - 3.5 stars. Pretty good and might read again.

The Perfect Girl short book review

The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan

This one wasn't in my post of September books to read because I didn't know what to classify it - YA or Adult. After reading it, I still don't. This one tends to blur the lines between the two. Zoe is a 17 year old music prodigy who has started her life over again - after being convicted as a juvenile of killing teens in a drunk driving accident. Her mother changed their name after leaving their small community and marrying again. This story takes place after a surprise confrontation of the father of one of the dead teens...and the subsequent death of Zoe's mother later that night. The book is from the viewpoint of Zoe, her aunt, her lawyer, and her uncle. Some of the story is current and some are flashbacks to Zoe's drunk driving accident and what lead up to it. It's an intriguing book.
My rating - 4 stars. Keeps your interest and leaves you thinking

Bookshop on the Corner short review for bookworms

The American publication of The Little Shop of Happy Ever After. I actually love the original title much better...especially since Nora's bookshop is in a mobile van with her shop name on the side. I won't be picky though because I absolutely loved this book. I fell in love with it from the dedication - two pages of information where the best places to read books are. Yes, if you are a book lover, you will fall for this one too!
Nora takes a leap to start a whole new life in the highlands of Scotland going from village to village and matching up books with readers. Along the way she realizes that life is more than hiding behind a book. There is a bit of romance, but not too explicit in details.
My rating - 5 stars! I will definitely read again!

Look for my posts about new books in October coming soon!

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