New YA Books Published in October

At the start of each month, I check to see what new books are coming out that I want to add to my To Read list. I found 8 young adult books published throughout the month of October that I think sound very interesting.

8 New Young Adult books coming out in October

These Young Adult or teen books are written for 13-18 year olds, but I personally read them quite often. A few of these authors are well knows, but don't forget to check out one of the authors you may have not heard of yet.

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New Young Adult Books Coming Out in October

YA fiction books new in October 2016

Something In Between - Melissa de la Cruz
Oct 4
A brand new release from this #1 Best Selling Author. This book is very different from her previous paranormal books. Jasmine studies hard to maker her parents proud and to earn a scholarship to her dream school. When she finds out her family is actually in the US illegally, Jasmine has to figure out who she is in this new truth.

The Midnight Star - Marie Lu
Oct 11
The thrilling conclusion to the Young Elites trillogy. Adelina is forced to put every Elite in danger as she tries to preserve her empire.

This Adventure Ends - Emma Mills
Oct 4
Sloane moves from New York to Florida and falls in love....with friendship. When her new friends need help, Sloane is there for them. This book has friendship, witty dialogue, and is about finding the people you never knew you needed.

Replica - Lauren Oliver
Oct 4
This book is two stories in one - read Gemma's story as well as Lyra's. Lyra lives in the Haven Institute, with their not quite moral experimentation on human replicas. Gemma investigates her family's past and finds her dad's connection to the mysterious Haven Institute. Each story is published in the entirety of that person, so the reviews say to read 2-3 chapters of each character, switching back and forth.

More Teen Books New in October

New Books for Teens during October

If I Fix You - Abigail Johnson
Oct 25
Jill's mom walks out of her life, and only Jill knows the real reason. Her life seems turned upside down. Enter new guy next door - intense, cute, but with scars he doesn't think show. Jill wants to make things better, but comes to find out that she needs to fix things in her own life first.

Everyone We've Been -  Sarah Everett
Oct 4
After an accident, Addison has memory lapses and talks with a boy that disappears. With her family becoming increasingly worried, she goes to a clinic for help and finds out that she has been there before...and had some memories erased.

What Light - Jay Asher
Oct 18
Sierra lives on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon. She usually dreads the month where she goes to California to help her family sell trees. This year she meets Caleb, a boy struggling with past mistakes. Sierra sees past his previous mistakes and wants to help Caleb find forgiveness.

Unlocked - Margo Kelly
Oct 1
Hanna is starting to lose her grip on reality. Things move around, she sees things that aren't there, and Hanna feels like she isn't in control anymore. Her friends bail on her, but she finds help from Plug - the occult expert.

If you are interested in new book releases this month for middle grade, children, and adults - check for a separate post this week for each of those groups.

I hope you found a few new books that you are interested in reading this month. I'd love to hear which young adult books you are most excited to read.

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