New Middle Grade Books Published in October

A new month means a whole bunch of new books to look forward to being published. Today I am sharing some of the middle grade books that will be published throughout the month of October.

8 middle grade books being published in october

If you know of a reader that is 8-12 years old, they might want to read one of these new books that are coming out in October. There are plenty of newly published books each month, this is just a sampling of the ones that we were excited about at our house.

Having two little bookworms that fall into the middle grade age group, I like to keep up with new releases on books. Sometimes the books get added to our holiday list, we check them out from the library, we are able to find digital copies, or we take a trip to the bookstore to add to our home library.

These 8 books are ones that my little readers are looking forward to this month. Some as sequels in a series and some as meeting new characters.

New Middle Grade Books Published in October

Fantasy Adventure books for Middle Grade Readers new in October

New Middle Grade Fantasy

The Hammer of Thor - Rick Riordan (book 2 in Norse Mythology Series)
Oct 4
Magnus Chase and his friends have to rescue Thor's Hammer from the hands of the enemies. What happens when they have to turn to Loki for help?

Oct 4
Harry's second year at Hogwarts is full of adventure and mishaps. Enjoy the new illustrated version to bring the story to colorful life.

Foxheart - Claire Legrand 
Oct 4
A new fantasy-adventure about truth, lies, magic, and friendship. 

Impyrium - Henry H Neff
Oct 4
Two unlikely allies join together to confront a conspiracy in this new fantasy series. Royal Hazel and commoner Hob are a pair you wouldn't imagine - will their partnership save the realm of Impyrium?

New Middle Grade Fiction Mystery Adventure and Spies

New Middle Grade Fiction

Spy Ski School - Stuart Gibbs (Spy School Book 4)
Oct 11
Ben is under cover at a Rocky Mountain ski school so he can befriend (and gain intel on) Jessica Schang, daughter of a suspected crime boss.

Journey's End - Rachel Hawkins
Oct 25
Nolie feels like Journey's End in Scotland is the end of the world. Her father studies strange phenomenon while Nolie befriends a native to the small village, Bel.

The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn - Carolyn Keene
Oct 11
Nancy and her friends find mystery in Charleston, South Carolina when they stay at one of the most haunted hotels in the city.

Dog's Best Friend - James Patterson (Middle School series Book 8)
Oct 24
Middle School is starting to seem bearable for Rafe when he decides to make a little money in a dog walking business. All isn't smooth sailing though when his business gets sabatoged

If you are looking for new release books in YA, children, or adults, check back throughout the week for new posts.

These are our picks for new middle grade books being released in October. Which one are you, or a bookworm you know, most looking forward to?

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