Book Review - Louie & Lilly's Nap Time by David Scott

Do you have young children that love animals? They will find this sweet book entertaining. If you have two children (or more) the pups in this story might seem a bit familiar to you. Join me for a look at this lovely children's book with gentle rhyming and adorable illustrations.

Louie and Lilly's Nap Time a children's book by David Scott

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We received Louie and Lilly's Nap Time by David Scott three years ago, and my children have loved looking at it repeatedly over the years. There had been a giveaway on Goodreads and I didn't win, but the author messaged everyone and offered them a digital copy. At the time, I didn't have a Kindle or tablet to read this story, so David Scott sent me a free copy of the book. I thought that was such a generous thing to do.

You are here to find out about the book though! So let's get to it!

Louie and Lilly's Nap Time by David Scott

Short Synopsis

After playing all day, Yorkie pups Louie and Lilly are ready to get comfortable and take a nap. Lilly finds that isn't as easy as she thought it would be. Kids will love the sweet illustrations of the cute pups and the rhymes.

My Thoughts

The words and illustrations of this book are just right. My kids love to see the pups and have me read about their sleepytime routine. Lilly finds a comfy spot to lay and Louie follows soon after, interrupting Lilly's rest every time. Finally at the end they find the perfect spot for snuggling and sleeping.

Reading about these two dogs was so similar to how things are in my house. My older daughter will be reading somewhere quietly, or playing with toys, or coloring at the table and along comes her little sister wanting to be included and close by. My older daughter generally reacts the same way Lilly does in the book.
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As for how kids like it? When we first received the book, we read it 10 times per day. Now that my girls are older (11&8) they don't ask for it quite as often. My 8 year old (who loves animals) will still sit close while I read it once a week though. I don't know how we haven't worn out our copy!

Kids Review

My 8 year old "It's a really fun book. It's kind of an adventure story because they go on an adventure to find a place to take a nap. Lilly is trying to have her own time and it was strange that Louie decided that out of all the nice and comfy places to sleep, he chose the hard floor by Lily. It's like he's playing a sleepy game of puppy dog tag during nap time when he follows Lily."

Book Rating

It was a hit with both my girls and me! It's not deep literature for children, but it is quite enjoyable and sweet.

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