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The Little Paris Bookshop is a book for book lovers, for dreamers of travel, for those that enjoy reading about others yearning for closure in their lives getting that resolution. Join me for a quick look at this charming book.

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With having a book blog, you no doubt know that I love books. I love opening the pages to another world or time and falling into the story in my imagination. I believe that there are books out there that you need to read at certain times in your life. Have you ever been drawn to a certain book and it contained something that you had been searching for?

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George might just be the book you have been looking for.

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The Little Paris Bookshop synopsis

Monsieur Perdu lives a quite life in Paris, selling the perfect novel to readers from his bookshop aboard a floating barge on the Seine River. When his true love left him years before, he shut himself off from the rest of the world. Finally seeking the courage to read a letter that his love left for him, his life is turned upside down. He pulls up anchor and goes on a journey to discover the ending to his own story.

My Thoughts

This lovely story is about a man who is on a journey to be healed. His heart was broken years before and he is searching for closure with his lost love. Why did she leave one day to never contact him again? All these years he has kept himself closed off from feeling things and opening himself up to other people. He reaches the point where he wants to become whole, to move on with his life and open himself up to the opportunity of loving again.

In The Little Paris Bookshop, Monsieur Perdu is a literary apothecary. He has a bookstore on his barge that is full of books just waiting for the right customer. Monsieur Perdu prescribes novels for broken hearts and to heal souls, finding just the right book for what ails a person.

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As Perdu travels to the south of France aboard his barge, he is joined by two other lost souls. Max Jordan is an author who has lost his inspiration and can't write another book. Cuneo is a boat man that has been searching the waterways for a woman he knew years before. As the three journey together to Perdu's destination, they learn from each other, and books, how to continue along their life.

Along their way to the south of France, the three men meet interesting people in the villages and towns the stop at. Perdu dispenses books and wisdom, Cuneo teaches the others to feel again and falls in love. Max finds fulfillment in his life when he is inspired to write again.
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When Perdu reaches the vineyard where his love lived, he finds the truth to what happened all those years ago and it changes him.

Everyone can appreciate and relate to the self-healing journey that Monsieur Perdu goes on. Lovers of books will find that this book really is written for those that believe that stories can influence and shape people's lives. The book is a love letter written to books and lovers of books.

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