How To Make Easy Paper Bookmarks

I'm always on the lookout for new bookmarks. I usually am in the middle of 2 or 3 books at the same time and need a bookmark for each of them. I decided a good way to always have a bookmark on hand is to make a few of my own. These bookmarks are easy to put together and since you are making them yourself, you can pick your favorite colors and styles of paper.

make quick easy bookmarks craft scrapbook paper

When I'm not busy reading, my other favorite hobby is crafting. Earlier this year I joined up with a group doing a book swap. We bought a few books for our swap partner and sent some reading related items in the box too. These bookmarks are ones that I sent to my swap partner. I had so much fun making these bookmarks for her, and have made a few others for myself as well!

Gather your supplies and get crafting! These are perfect for the bookworm in your life.

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Supplies Needed

Stickers or other embellishments
Embroidery Floss
Hole Punch
Ink Pad
Gel Pen *(optional)

How To Make Easy Paper Bookmarks

I use cardstock as a base for these bookmarks because it is thick and sturdy. A small part of the cardstock will show around the border, so make sure it is a color that you like.

My favorite part of this project is looking through my papers and stickers to see what will work. Thankfully I have quite a stock of both on hand (shh, don't tell my hubby about all of it). 

steps make quick easy bookmarks scrapbook paper stickers

  1. Trim your cardstock to the shape that you want your bookmark to be. I start out by making a rectangle of the cardstock. Sometimes I leave the bookmark as a rectangle, or sometimes I shape the top by trimming a bit. After you have your cardstock ready, cut the scrapbook paper to be just a bit smaller than the cardstock.
  2. I use an ink pad to add a little definition to my scrapbook paper. Lightly run the edge of the paper on the ink pad. This will make your scrapbook paper stand out a bit from the background.
  3. Add any stickers you want to the scrapbook paper at this time. I added a few flowers and a set of birdhouses. You could also use washi tape, ribbon, or die cuts to embellish your bookmarks. Write a book or reading quote with glitter gel pens if you like. Use glue dots to stick the scrapbook paper onto the cardstock.
  4. Use a hole punch toward the top of your bookmark. Cut about 12 inches of your embroidery floss to make a tassel for your bookmark. Fold your floss in half, then put the looped end through the hole in your bookmark (loop in front, hanging thread in the back). Make the loop large enough that you can bring the thread from the back through the loop and gently tighten.
make quick easy bookmarks craft scrapbook paper finished

Then you are done! You now have a cute personalized bookmark. These are great to use for yourself, or as a small gift for someone who loves to read. They are quick to make and an easy craft for an afternoon.

make quick easy bookmarks craft scrapbook paper

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