Book Review ~ Margherita's Notebook

Escape from everyday life between the pages of Margherita's Notebook. Travel to the Italian countryside from the comfort of your own home and enjoy delicious descriptions of food and a bit of romance.

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I dream of someday traveling to the Italian countryside. Until then, I will have to satisfy myself with reading books set in Italy. Margherita's Notebook is not only set in one of my favorite places, but the lyrical way that Elisabetta and Gabriella write make you feel that you are on the cobblestone streets and among the delicious smells in the kitchen with Margherita. Don't forget to read the authentic Italian recipes at the end of the book.

Margherita's Notebook Synopsis

When her heart is broken in Rome, Margherita returns to her hometown of Roccafitta, a small Tuscan village. She dreams of re-opening her mother's restaurant, but first must earn money to pay off debts owed on the property.

Enter the handsome and aloof Nicola Ravelli. Nicola is buying the local vineyards and to smooth things over with the locals, he needs a chef who can impress during business dinners. Margherita sees an opportunity to raise money to pay off debts and also gain experience cooking professionally.

While Margherita and Nicola have a rough start, he begins to appreciate her through her cooking. After each new dish tantalizes his taste buds, Nicola realizes that maybe there is more to life than business deals.

My Thoughts

If you enjoy descriptive writing and an entertaining story, you will like Margherita's Notebook. While there is quite a bit of dialog in the book, I fell in love with Margherita's story through the expressive writing. The artistic descriptions of food make you want to go into your kitchen and start cooking,

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After reading about the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, who wouldn't want to take a trip there? While reading I imagined myself walking in the fields and vineyards alongside the characters in the book.

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As for the story of the book. Margherita is starting her life over and decides to pursue her passion - cooking. While dealing with the debt that her father has accrued against her late mothers' restaurant, you see what a kind and forgiving person Margherita is. As for her romance with Nicola - some scenes are a bit sensual and steamy, but there isn't anything explicit in the book.

Don't forget about the recipes at the end of the book! There are 21 mouth watering recipes that were mentioned in the book. Whether you are in the mood for a meal (shrimp scampi with spaghetti) or a sweet treat (mini strawberry cheesecakes), take the time to check out the recipes. You may be inspired to have an authentic Italian dinner of your own.

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