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The past few weeks have been so busy with my kids being out of school for summer. We have gone on a few day trips, spent time at the splash pad, worked in our garden, tried camping in our backyard, and enjoyed a few fun bike rides. This weekend I am looking forward to a little relaxing time with reading. We even have plans to read together as a family, which is my favorite!

2 magical books to read this weekend

This week the books on our shelf for weekend reading are very magical. It was a very happy mail day when the UPS driver delivered our most recent purchases from Amazon. I didn't tell my girls that I was buying these books and their faces lit up when I let them open the boxes.

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Middle Grade Magical Books Illustrated Harry Potter Friday with the Wizards

Have you seen the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? Absolutely beautiful! When my girls saw this in the box, they were jumping up and down and screaming. We spent an hour looking at the pictures and are going to read it together this weekend. We can't wait for the second illustrated book to come out in October.

Jessica Day George has released her latest Castle Glower book - Fridays with the Wizards. I don't know who is more excited to read it, my 11 year old or me! Jessica Day George came to a local library last year and we attended the author event and met her. She talked about this series and how it may extend to a Sunday book. I think that would make lots of middle grade readers very happy!

So, while my books for weekend reading may technically be written for children, these books are highly entertaining for all ages. I have recommended the Castle Glower series to quite a few of my adult friends and they have liked them as well.

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