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The past few weeks have been so busy with my kids being out of school for summer. We have gone on a few day trips, spent time at the splash pad, worked in our garden, tried camping in our backyard, and enjoyed a few fun bike rides. This weekend I am looking forward to a little relaxing time with reading. We even have plans to read together as a family, which is my favorite!

2 magical books to read this weekend

This week the books on our shelf for weekend reading are very magical. It was a very happy mail day when the UPS driver delivered our most recent purchases from Amazon. I didn't tell my girls that I was buying these books and their faces lit up when I let them open the boxes.

Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Reading for Kids

Some kids love to read during their summer vacation. For other kids, they need some encouragement, incentives, and fun ideas to prompt them to continue reading during their summer vacation. I have a short list of ideas that I think will encourage kids to read during the summer.

Encourage Summer Reading Kids

Research shows that children lose a portion of their learning during summer break if they aren't actively learning. You can read a short article by the National Summer Learning Association here. The "summer slide" can be prevented or lessened though with children reading a variety of books during their summer break.

I have stopped writing on this blog and the content is being moved to my other site Home Crafts by Ali.  Click THIS LINK to see How to Make Summer Reading Fun for Kids.

Free Summer Reading Programs for Kids

When I think back to summertime when I was young, I remember walking to the library with my best friend and wandering the aisles. We would go up there 2 or 3 times per week to see what newly released books had been added, we made lists of books we wanted to read and which ones we had already read, and we looked for the books with the best covers. We would then check out our books, then lay out on a blanket in the sun - which was rare in Western Washington - and read our books and discuss which ones we liked best.

summer reading programs kids

Not every child has the same love of books as I did and most summers are a bit busier nowdays. Summertime gets busy with camps, sports, vacations, and all those other fun activities. Reading is important though - it helps maintain learning during school breaks and it encourages imagination in children.

Summer reading programs are fun ways to keep children reading during their school break. Following is a list of Summer Reading Programs that kids can join. They can earn free books, small prizes and play games online!
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