Book Review ~ Tainted Ink by Tania Johansson

tainted ink book review tania johansson

Today I have a book review for you. Tainted Ink is the new YA fantasy novel by Tania Johansson.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this e-book in exchange for writing an honest review of the book. All thoughts are my own and are not swayed by receiving a free copy of this book. This post contains affiliate links.


There are those who have the skill of Drawing. When they drink Ink they can create and animate anything they imagine. People who Draw are to be admired and honored. They are Artists and envied by all.

Bree and Errin have dreamed of being able to Draw. They are chosen to attend the University to hone their skills as Artists. They believe that things can't get any better.

But they can get worse.

There are rumors that Ink is not all it seems and the University is hiding a dark secret. The girls uncover the truth and the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, become blurred and will test their friendship to the breaking point.

My Thoughts

This was an entertaining and fast read for me. I was drawn into the story of Bree and Errin as they begin their journey to become Artists. I liked the uniqueness of the idea of the book - having a somewhat superpower that was art related was cool. I like the friendship of Bree and Errin. Sol provided a glimpse into village life and reality of Ink.

I would have liked a little more detail about their world and getting to know the characters a little better. When I read books, I like to be able to immerse myself in the setting and time that they story takes place as I get to know the characters better. Unfortunately, this book was not very detailed and the story moved quite fast. It seemed like for the reader, as soon as you had grasped the last curve ball thrown at you, there was another one with a different twist to the story.

This book would be good for when you want a nice, easy read. The story does get quite exciting at the end and makes you interested to see what will happen with the continuing story.

My Rating

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