10 Unique DIY Bookshelves For Your Home Library

When you have a passion for reading and an ever growing collection of books, finding a place to put all your books can be a challenge. Instead of having a plain bookshelf from the store, you can start a DIY project and create (or makeover) a bookshelf for your home library. I have found 10 unique DIY bookshelf ideas to share with you today. Hopefully in this list you will find one that will be perfect for your home.

DIY bookshelves book storage solutions

Our home library seems to grow quite often, which usually means we go out and buy a new bookshelf. I get tired of the dark, rectangle bookshelves and wish that our books were displayed in a more enticing way. I searched the internet for unique ways you can design and build bookshelves. There are thousands of ideas out there, but I narrowed the list down for you to these 10 for today.

I have linked to all the projects shown in the pictures so you can visit the original site and see the details on how to make these projects yourself. Have fun reading a little about each project here, then go and visit their pages for the instructions.

DIY bookshelves book storage solutions

Sunshine on the Inside shared vinyl rain gutter shelves that they installed in their sons room. I love how it uses the generally wasted space in the corner of the room.

Aimee at It's Overflowing has these interesting floating bookshelves. You can install these on a narrow wall space. What a way to maximize a small space!

Over at Create Really Awesome Free Things you can see 4 different ways to organize painted wood crates for bookshelves or storage/display of other items.

Maybe you don't want a full DIY project. How about a makeover? My Creative Days took a curbside find and transformed it into a lovely travel bookshelf. I can imagine placing my foreign language dictionaries and international fiction books on it.

Can you imagine how excited to read your little kids would be if they had this super cute house bookshelf that Love Create Celebrate shares on her page?

DIY bookshelves book storage solutions

These bookshelf ledges from How To Nest For Less are only $10 to make! And they are adorable too. Pick your favorite paint color for the shelves and get DIY-ing.

In a room reveal that Change of Scenery shares, there was a thrift store makeover included that is perfect for book storage. Add a simple wood box to the back of a frame and you have a deep decorative box ready to add your books to.

Industrial shelving is becoming a popular option for creating your own bookshelf. The mix of iron pipes with the rustic looking wood shelves is very appealing. 17Apart shares their detailed tutorial.

Penny Carnival combines my love of books and crafting with this fabric sling book display. This would be perfect to hold some of your kids favorite books so they are in easy reach during quiet time or those mornings when they wake early.

Over the Big Moon shares an update she made to a regular bookshelf. By making just a few changes you have a beautiful and decorative bookshelf ready for your favorite books and decor pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this list I put together for you today. There are projects at all skill levels, so I hope you found one that is just right for you. I would love to hear in the comments which ones you like best.
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