Where to Find Your Next Book

Looking for a new book to read, but don't have any ideas? There are plenty of places to search for your next book. I've put together a list for you to give you ideas where to find recommendations for your next book to read.

Find you next book ideas for recommendations

Goodreads is one of the first places I search for new books to read. If you aren't on Goodreads, you should be! There are thousands of book lists in every topic imaginable. You can explore your favorite topic and find a new book to read. Goodreads also gives you recommendations of books you may like depending on the books you currently have on your shelves.

Visit your local library. Not only do most libraries have a display of recently published books, but you can ask a librarian for their opinion too. Many libraries also have an online search option where you can enter your favorite author/genre and it will generate a list of other authors/books that you may be interested in.

Author social media accounts are a good place too. Many times authors will help their fellow authors promote their new books. Not because they are being paid to do it, but because authors love to read too and will let their followers know about good books that are out there.

Bookstores are a wonderful place to wander and look at all the different options for reading choices. Sometimes I make a trip to the bookstore just to feel the books, see the cover art, look at displays, and be surrounded by so many options of different stories just waiting to be read.

Book Clubs are great to join! You get the excitement of a new book and the social aspect of sharing your thoughts with a group. Don't have a local group of friends or library group to join? There are plenty of options for online book clubs too.

A Book Swap is a fun way to get a new book for your collection. You get partnered with another book lover, share your book wish list, and wait to see what you are sent. I recently participated in a book swap and it was so much fun! You can read about my experience here.

Your friends and family are a great resource for book recommendations. You never know what new book you might learn about. I've seen plenty of people ask on their Facebook page for good books to read.

Your favorite book blogger! If someone takes the time to start a blog about books and reading, you know they are passionate about the topic. Many times they will have articles about new books to read, books in different genres, roundups of best books, or their own favorite book lists. You can always visit their Goodreads or Pinterest page to see what they have listed.

I hope this list has given you some ideas where you can find your next book to read. I'd love to hear what your newest reading finds are in the comments!

~Happy Reading!
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