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I am one of those people that has a few different books I'm in the middle of at any given time. I never know where I will be in the house (or the car) when I will have a few minutes to sit down and read. I never know what mood I'm going to be in, so I keep a few genres at hand to pick from. I thought I would share what is currently on my bookshelf to give you some suggestions in case you were looking for a book to read this weekend.

3 current books on my bookshelf reading

Happy Friday! It's just about the weekend and I'll be thankful for some time to relax. What a better way than with a good book. I'm looking forward to a little quiet time and being able to immerse myself in these stories. Here's what I'm reading right now.

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3 current books on my bookshelf reading

See How They Run by Ally Carter. I received this as a Christmas present and am reading it for the second time. Ally Carter is one of my go-to authors, whether I want to read about teen spies in training, art thieves who return their heists to the true owners, or a damaged girl wanting to learn the truth about her past.

Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd. This was a free download from Amazon I added to my Kindle a while ago and am finally getting around to reading. I couldn't pass up a story set in Seattle about a girl working at a French cafe.

Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George. This is the second in a series for middle grade readers. I'll admit that I love it almost as much as my 10 year old. We are re-reading these books before we buy her most recent book in the series that was just published.

That's it for what is on my bookshelf right now. Have a great weekend! Leave a comment letting me know what books are on your shelf right now.

~ Happy Reading!
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